Welcome to our blog which is to create a link between two Catholic schools – St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Bristol, England and John Paul II’s Salesian Primary School in Wroclaw, Poland.

We would like to present our schools’ everyday life here, so that we can get to know each other better and, hopefully, develop a longstanding and beautiful friendship. Although we live in different countries and cultures, we surely have a lot in common, as we share the same Christian values. Getting to know each other better seems a great adventure we are happily embarking on.

21 June 2018

International Village Spring 2018

Last month 23 students from our school took part in a project called International Village. We spent 6 days in Slovakia practicing English, learning about other cultures and making friends with youth from 4 other countries – Estonia, Romania, Italy and Spain.

Every day up till noon we had classes – language activities and workshops in English, in mixed, international groups. Our teachers came from the USA, Canada and Great Britain.

Each student had a roomie from a different country, so spending time in your room was also a chance to practice your English in an every-day situation.

After lunch we had other activities with teachers and students from the different countries. We had American football, basketball, board games, soccer, as well as paper weaving, impro, stand-up and sushi activities.

On two of the afternoons we went on trips to see some the local tourist attractions. Anywhere we went we were with students from the other countries, so we had opportunities to speak English with them and to make friends, while sightseeing. The nature in Slovakia is awesome!

The location of our hotel was also fantastic, as it was in the mountains. We could go hiking whenever we had some time and felt like doing it.

We made friends with the other groups and we are planning to arrange exchanges with them, hoping our friendship will last.

16 April 2018

Wroclaw Sponsored Run

On the 1st of March at 9:30 we left school. We were going to the Wroclaw Sponsored Run. Students from different schools and of different age took part in the event to help raise money for children from the Wroclaw Hospice for Children. I was going to run too! Each participant had to beforehand find sponsors who would pay 5 zl for each circle.

When we got there we first ate our snacks and drank our tea. Then we started.

It was hardly a run at first, for there were so many people. Over 2500 students aged from 8 to 18! Soon the crowd dispersed. I managed to run 12 circles.

Later, after everyone had gone home, we got together for a last photo. Then we took our share of the balloons and left.

Patricia, Year 5


30 March 2018


Last week the eldest students of our school took part in retreat. Every year we spend three days preparing our hearts and souls for the events which were to come during the Holy Week.

On the first day we had an opportunity to host a group of young people and two Salesian sisters from other town. We listened to young people's testimonies about their faith; there was time to praise the Lord in prayer and singing.

The following day we had a chance to visit the Franciscans in their monastery. They prepared a great deal of interesting and valuable events for us, such as a tour around the monastery, a lecture and a quiz.

On the last day we went to the cinema to see the film 'Wonder'. It was deeply touching and reflective.


28 February 2018

Winter time

Children from Year 2 (7-year-olds) prepared pictures presenting winter scenery. Here are a couple of them. Look at all the snow! :)

26 February 2018

"Send a doughnut to Africa"

The time of carnival was really short this year and the Lent is about to start. The last Thursday of carnival, the Fat Thursday, was celebrated in our school in a bit different way than usual. As the tradition is to eat a gigantic number of super-delicious doughnuts on that day, some classes, usually the younger ones, had their snacks at some point of the day. But this year we decided to join an action organised by the Foundation of Friars Capuchins and help African children, too. It was called “Send a doughnut to Africa”. Each member of our school community (student, parent, teacher) could help buy two meals for two children if only they decided to forego one doughnut that day! And of course you could give up on more than just one :D I wonder how many doughnuts "flew" to Africa that day? :)

www: paczek.kapucyni.pl

17 February 2018

Christmas at our school

The holidays are already over and we have to wait a whole year for the next ones. As we are waiting for winter break I think Christmas customs at our school would be a good topic to take on.

It all starts a few weeks before actual Christmas with the time of Advent. The point of that time is to attend special Mass called „Roraty” at least once a week and await Jesus with the Holy Virgin. The church is properly decorated and the youngest children come with lanterns, which make the atmosphere even more special and memorable.

The time passes and as we are getting closer to the end of Advent, it is time for the next step, that is getting a Christmas tree. It is not always possible to have a real one, but every class prefers it. Then, usually at art classes, we decorate it with baubles, cones, lights and shiny chains. During the last two weeks our school is filled with an amazing mood; you can hear children practicing for the Nativity play and the school choir has rehearsals almost every day. During some classes we learn about the Christmas customs from other countries like Germany or Britain.

Still the most important events take place on the last day before Christmas break. This year it was the 22nd of December. On that day everyone comes to school smartly dressed. It all starts at 8 am with the Holy Mass. Then we head out to our classrooms to prepare Christmas dinner, meanwhile listening to traditional Polish carols. We have some of the traditional dishes too, for instance beetroot soup with tiny dumplings in it, and many other treats we like. Some of the students decide to bake something by themselves, which is always appreciated. When everything is ready it is time to gather in the gym where we can see the Nativity play. I have to say that this year’s was amazing. Students from Year 7 (13-year-olds) chose to do something original and in my opinion they did really well.

Then students go back to their classrooms to have symbolical Christmas Eve dinner. It is very similar to what we all celebrate later on at our homes in the evening of the 24th of December, that is at Christmas Eve. We begin with reading a fragment form the Bible. Then everyone shares the Christmas wafers and exchanges wishes with each other. After that we can help ourselves to food and visit our school mates in other classrooms.

Finishing, I want to say that personally I enjoy this time a lot and I am really thankful to all the teaching staff for organising it all for us in such a way every year. Unfortunately, it was my last one as a student of this school, but I will try to come back as a graduate one day, as students who are graduates of our school can also attend a special Christmas Eve dinner on the same day in the evening.

Krzysztof, 16